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Club 18-30

I think a lot of the people who read this book will probably know or have heard of Club 18-30. As the name suggests, it is for 18 to 30 year olds.

Unlike Contiki and Top Deck, 18-30 isn't a tour, it’s a resort, or I should say resorts. They have close to 10 resorts all over the world.

The most famous or infamous of the resorts would be the one in Ibiza. Sex, drinking, drugs are all apparently rampant at these resorts.


I had a blast and I was completely sober through out the whole week. Yes, people drink, yes people have sex and yes people do drugs, but that's everywhere you go and not exclusive to Club 18-30.

Here is a quote from their website

"We are not moral guardians - what you do on your holiday is 100% down to you. If you want to drink on holiday, you drink, if you don’t, you don’t - simple as that! Young people drinking abroad is not exclusive to Club 18-30.

Just because you go on holiday with us, it doesn’t mean you are going to have sex! We operate in young, lively resorts and do our utmost to make sure you have a fantastic holiday experience, however, we urge guests to be responsible and be aware of the importance of safe sex. Our reps’ contact details are displayed at your accommodation if you do need our assistance. "

I won't be doing another 18-30 trip again unless a couple of friends go with me. I've been twice and each time I went by my own and it was fun, but I'm sure it would be more fun with friends you already know.

Also, since you're really not seeing the sights of the places you are going and really are just there to party with friends, once or twice is enough.

The accommodation is also very lacking and isn't top notch at all, but you don't go there to sleep, you go to have fun.

So what can you expect from a Club 18-30 trip? Lots of Brittish women and men looking to have a lot of fun.

Club 18-30 organize group activities and they have "reps" who run the place who are in that 18 to 30 age bracket.

Reps jobs are to set up games and introduce people and basically make sure people are having fun.

It is a drinking resort, lots of people drink and like usual the odd few have one too many and make fools of themselves, but things are supervised pretty damn well.